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Long-lasting. Fixed. Tooth replacement.

In the past, replacing a tooth meant either a denture or a bridge. With today's technology we can use implants which are more comfortable, durable, and look extremely natural. They do not rely on anchorage, or invasive treatment on any of your other teeth.

There is a 3 step process involved: 

1) Titanium implant is placed in the area of the missing tooth. This is done under local anaesthetic and is actually quite painless. Most patients are comfortable going back to work the next day.

2) A healing period follows where the implant integrates with the bone around it. This normally takes 8-12 weeks.

3) Once your surgeon is confident the implant is secure, they will place an artificial tooth onto the implant and your treatment is complete

For patients who wear full dentures but find them loose, we can place implants and use them to anchor your denture in position. This will make eating and speaking much more comfortable, giving you new confidence. 

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